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Water Heating Rebates

Save up to $300 on Gas Water Heaters

New Mexico Gas Company offers instant rebates from $115 to $300 when you have a participating contractor install a high efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified gas water heater in your home. Get rebates on qualifying natural gas tankless and tank water heater models. Select models also qualify for an additional $300 Federal tax credit.

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Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Water Heaters


Energy and Cost Savings

Cut your water heating costs by up to 30% and save as much as $50 annually on gas bills.


Continuous Hot Water

Enjoy a constant flow of hot water in every shower—even when you have a full house.


Space-Saving Design

Save a closet’s worth of space in your home with small, wall-mounted models.



Save up to $300 on your purchase when you have a participating contractor install your unit.

How It Works

Qualifying water heaters must be purchased on or after April 1, 2024 and installed by March 31, 2025. Rebate applications must be received by April 30, 2025. See Program Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Available Rebates
Equipment TypeEfficiency Rating (UEF)Instant Rebate Amount
Tankless Water HeaterUEF .87 or higher$300
Tank Water Heater≤ 55 Gallons - UEF .64 or higher$115
Tank Water Heater> 55 Gallons - UEF .78 or higher$115

Customers who receive natural gas service from New Mexico Gas Company, as evidenced by the New Mexico Gas Company residential customer account number, are eligible.


How to Participate

Start saving on your water heating costs in four easy steps:


Work with your participating contractor to identify the best, energy-efficient equipment for your home’s unique needs


Choose your upgrades and have your participating contractor perform the installations


See your NMGC instant rebate on your invoice


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