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Save Energy and Money

New Mexico Gas Company offers energy efficiency programs and rebates. Find a contractor to help you get started.

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About Us

We're dedicated to helping our residential and commercial customers find ways to save money and energy, whether you're building a new home, making improvements to an older home or business or simply looking for ways to save. Our Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs help you make those recommended changes while getting hundreds, even thousands of dollars in rebates.


Benefits of Natural Gas

Choosing natural gas for your home or business offers many benefits and advantages that will help you save money, improve the environment, and increase your comfort. New Mexico Gas Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through modernizing infrastructure, converting to renewable energy sources, and implementing advanced technologies that maintain reliable, resilient, and affordable energy choices for homes and businesses.



Depend on natural gas as your clean energy source for a sustainable future.



Receive natural gas directly—no need for deliveries or storage tanks.



Spend less than using oil, propane, or electricity for heating.



Provides a substantial economic benefit to our state and we are proud to play an important role in distributing natural gas to help families stay warm during cold weather.



Support our communities and our customers. We’re here to help if you’re experiencing financial challenges.